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Database Projects

During 2017 and 2018 I developed two relational database applications using Microsoft Access and VBA. The first one was created for the current company that I work with, Penny Rent A Car. The other one for a Real Estate Development consulting company called iKohn Consulting

Penny Rent A Car Database

Penny Rent A Car Input Form Penny Rent A Car Customer Table

This database for Penny Rent A Car has been very useful for the company, it helps with operations and accounting tasks. It allows to manage and store information from the customers and their reservations for future use, control and keep an eye on the milage of the vehicles for maintenance purposes and other services made, income generated monthly and most importantly to keep an eye on the ROI generated by vehicle.

Penny Rent A Car Tax Query

iKohn Consulting Database

iKohn Input Form

Last year I developed a MS Acess database for a Real Estate Development consulting company called iKohn Consulting. This database used VBA programming to create an easy to use interface and to geneate easy to understand budget reports of the different projects of the company.

iKohn Report iKohn Visual Basic Screenshot