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Martin Naparstek

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Software Development

Here I present some of the applications that I have developed. I am very proud of them as I said previously they are a an example of my dedication and ethics in life, where I always try new ways to push my self through different interests to improve my self and bring value to my sourroundings. Here this is shows with a Soccer Penalty Kick game that helped me improve on C++ and a Java form to present at work alternative ideas on how to improve the operations.

C++ PK Game

A small and robust Soccer PK Game developed in C++ with nice console graphics. The user has a menu to check instructions on how to play, choose team name, and difficulty of the game. In this project I mixed two of my life passions, Programming and Soccer. The game was created using If statements, Loops, and Random Numbers

C++ PK Game Menu C++ PK Game Instructions C++ PK Game Playing C++ PK Game End

Check it out on GitHub!

Java Buying Cars Form

A prototype of a form for customer to calculate prices and other options through the Computer without the need to go to the dealership and loose time. The Java form uses different objects to perform different actions, it validates that the input provided is valid for the current field, adds images for better UI, and makes calculations

Java Auto Sales UI Form Java Auto Sales UI Form Completed

Check it out on GitHub!